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More Wunder Details, Bourdain's Cartoon Rebuttal, More!

INNER SUNSETLady Hopstress shares a few more details on the rejuvenation of the Wunder space on Ninth and Irving, namely that January is the current ETA and that they will serve beer and food. [TH, previously]

BOURDAINISPHERE—To everyone who lost their shit over his animated web series announcement yesterday, Anthony Bourdain would like to clarify: "While shark jumping is always a danger ... these dark, nasty, frequently foul TWO MINUTE LONG web extras are not a replacement for NO RESERVATIONS. They are not a pilot for some new, family friendly, watered down follow on. They are instead brief, often violent, alt versions of NO RES..." [Travel Channel via Eater National]

WINE COUNTRY—Fresh off being included as a Bib Gourmand restaurant in this year's Michelin, Risibisi has announced a new executive chef, Giuliana Valesi, last seen cooking for the last decade at Roberto's Italian Restaurant in Sonoma. [PD]

THE MISSIONMission Burger has discontinued its vegan burger, and the vegans are not happy about it. [Vegansaurus]

Wunder Brew Co.

1326 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA‎