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Fried Chicken at Mission Burger, Puccio IN at South

THE MISSION—Just to be clear, yes, that is a fried chicken sandwich now on the menu at Mission Burger. [MSFWire]

SOMA—Down at South, ex-Cortez chef Jennifer Puccio will be taking over the kitchen in December, but her "signature dishes" probably won't start showing up on the menu until January. [Scoop]

TENDERLOINSF Citizen has the full press release about how the infamous Pink Diamonds Gentlemens Club will close for one year, per the motion filed by San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Jose Herrera. [SFC]

TELEVISION—Set the TiVo and get the salad ready: tonight, Michael Pollan's documentary, Botany of Desire, will air on KQED at 8PM. [PD]

Mission Burger

2200 Mission St, San Francisco, CA‎