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Food For Thought Announced, Berkeley Hijinks, More!

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THE MISSION—Mark the calendars: Wednesday, November 11 is the inaugural Food For Thought event, wherein, 25 Mission restaurants (and counting) will donate a portion of their sales to Mission Graduates, a non-profit that helps Mission kids go to college, among other things. The list of participating restaurants is a good one too: Bar Bambino, Little Star, Range, Foreign Cinema, Maverick (pictured), and Farina, among others. [EaterWire]

TELEVISION—In case you missed it, Michael Chiarello went on the Today Show, made pasta, and then asked Hoda and Kathie Lee if they want a pasta facial. [NBC]

BERKELEY—For some reason, Berkeley students, faculty and other assorted nutjobs think it a good use of time to make the world’s largest California roll. It's sponsored by the Center for Japanese Studies and—zzzzzzz... [Daily Clog]