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Magnolia Around Town, Jardiniere Goes Tiki, MORE!

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2009_04_magnolia.jpgTHE HAIGHT—Everyone always seems to be wondering where to find Magnolia's house-brewed beers at places other than Magnolia, so Dave McLean shares with the Guardian: "You can almost always find our beer at Nopa and Nopalito and often at the legendary beer bar, Toronado. We are periodically on tap at Minibar, The Page, Blue Plate, Bar Tartine, Anchor & Hope (serving our cask-conditioned beers sometimes), and, sometimes over at Chez Panisse." [BG]

END DAYS—Need a nice wine to pair with your rifle? Have you joined the NRA Wine Club yet? [EaterWire]

HAYES VALLEY—Traci des Jardins will welcome Martin Cate and his Smuggler's Cove project to the neighborhood with a Tiki Bar themed prix fixe dinner at Jardiniere, Monday November 9. It's 45 bucks a pop, Cate will be guest-bartending, and the bill of fare can be enjoyed online. [EaterWire]

AMERICA—What's going on this week, restaurant world? Stress getting to you? First, Table 8 fellow Josh Woodword was arrested for murder suspicions, then Nobu partner Richie Notar went apeshit on a plane and had to be cuffed, and now there's a manhunt for the owners of an upscale sushi restaurant in Los Angeles, with allegations of $1 million worth of fraud. A manhunt! [Eater LA]


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