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Taco Truck on Fire; Star Chefs Converge at Primal Event

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NORTH BAY—The almost-surreal image to the right comes via the Press Dem. A taco truck caught on fire up in Santa Rosa, leaving the $15K truck completely destroyed and its owner in dire straits. Be careful out there, truck people. [PD]

LAUNCHES & RELEASES—Please meet, a new and much needed website (and soon to launch iPhone app) that taps into the relatively unexplored world of restaurant wine lists. By allowing users to peruse and compare lists before dining out and by giving ratings to expose good or bad deals, it adds a whole new level of information when deciding where to eat out. For now, it's only in New York, Hong Kong and the UK, but if it continues to gain momentum, dare we say that it could possibly be a game changer. [Wine Chap via Eater NY]

SAN FRANCISCO—Lots of food personalities—from New Orleans star chef and new book author John Besh to the Meatpaper team—will be making appearances at Litquake this year. The complete schedule is online for your perusal. [EaterWire]

WINE COUNTRY—Tickets are on sale for Primal, put on by the Cochon555 folks. This year's celebration of "wood fired cooking methods, butchers and whole animal utilization" boasts a starry lineup that includes, among others, Chris Cosentino (Incanto), Staffan Terje (Perbacco), Taylor Boetticher (Fatted Calf), Ryan Farr (4505 Meats) and Mr. Jeremy Fox (Ubuntu). [EaterWire]

[Photo: Press Dem]