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South's New Happy Hour; Ad Hoc Book Comes Early?

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SOMA—Down by the ballpark, South Food + Wine Bar has kicked off a new breakfast-inspired happy hour. It's inspired by the time difference with Australia, see? Today's special: $6 lamb sliders with fried quail egg. [EaterWire]

EATER OBITS—They say deaths come in threes. Several prominent food figures have sadly passed away recently: Albert Tordjman (former owner of the Flying Saucer), Ben Ali (of Ben's Chili Bowl fame), and in the same week that Quince reopened in the old Myth space, former Myth owner Tom Duffy. [~ESF~]

KELLER MINUTIAE—All you Thomas Keller superfans might want to keep an eye on the mailboxes. From a tipster: "I just found out my Ad Hoc at Home cookbook I pre-ordered from Amazon is shipping early." [EaterWire]

MEDIA—Just in case Michael Pollan's latest downer piece wasn't enough to get you excited about the NYT's weekend food issue, there's also a massively long piece following Jamie Oliver around as he explores Anytown USA and its obesity epidemic. If you can get through it, the slightly-puffy profile piece is full of quotes like "If he were just a professional do-gooder, Oliver, who is 34, would be a bore" and "The reason the world is still waiting for the Messiah is that most people don't actually want one." [NYT]


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