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Pera Takes Eliza's Space, Chakra on Broadway, More!

Spot some fresh plywood on your block? The tip jar awaits.

1) Potrero Hill: Only a week or two after Eliza's departed its 18th Street home of 18 years, there's already a newcomer moving in by the name of Pera. She's going to be a Mediterranean restaurant. Could it be related to that Middle Eastern place that was on Clement a while back? [PLYWOOD]

2) Broadway Strip: Speaking of shuttered spaces making comebacks, the ill-fated Russian vegan comedy club Usual Suspects will soon be reborn as Chakra Bar & Grill. No word on whether or not vegans and/or comedians will be involved this time around. [PLYWOOD]

3) North Beach: The new pizza joint on the corner of Columbus and Broadway (the old Parilla Grill space next to City Lights) has been mentioned around here a few times, and now there's new signage indicating that it's going to be the third San Francisco location—and fourth overall location—of Nizario's Pizza. [PLYWOOD]

4) Union Square: A tipster reports that there are liquor license notices for named Ocho Reyes in Tillman Alley. A Mexican establishment perchance? Anyone? [PLYWOOD]

5) The Mission: Down on Mission and 21st, Tacos Santana has closed, and on the way is that new izakaya called Nombe from the Sozai folks. More background on Nombe here. [PLYWOOD]


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