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News, Restaurant Recs and More on Eater's Twitter Feed

While sending in tips, commenting, and adding to the Eater SF Flickr Pool are all lovely and much appreciated ways to interact with the world of Eater SF, it doesn't end there. There is also, of course, the wonderful Eater SF twitter feed. Not only does the @eatersf feed update its followers on the latest, greatest news stories, but there's also an automatic retweet feature, which means any tweet with @eatersf in the body will be shot out to our 3,400+ followers. Over in New York, the retweet feature has resulted in is a lively restaurant discussion forum, and there's no reason SF can't do the same. Want to share thoughts on a recent dinner? Tell the twitter followers. Seeking a good place to do brunch? Ask the twitter feed. Have something to get off your chest about Beretta? You get the picture. Enjoy.
· @eatersf [Twitter]