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Week in Reviews

2009_10_lafolie.jpgThis week's Patricia Unterman review is a doozy. She goes to La Folie (which still holds four Chron stars), and though she lauds the great Roland Passot, Unterman makes the rare move (for her) and finds quite a few negative aspects. Too many dishes use truffle oil, frogs' legs are soggy, snails are subpar, and more: "If I had my wish, the waiters wouldn’t repeat the multitudinous contents of each dish as it is placed on the table, and the menu needs a little editing. Not every dish earns its place ... Diners don’t really need so many choices, and it must be difficult for the kitchen to execute." [SFE]

La Folie

2316 Polk Street, , CA 94109 (415) 776-5577 Visit Website

2316 Polk St., San Francisco