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Behind the Drapes at the Reborn Mayes Oyster House

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[Photos: Jennifer Yin, 11/10/09]

Here we have a look around the latest incarnation of 1233 Polk Street, which as it happens, is an homage to the location's first incarnation: Mayes Oyster House, est. 1867. But, to be sure, the new Mayes isn't a reinterpretation of the original, and for better or worse, you won't find a Tadich/Sam's/John's old-timer vibe here, what with the DJs, sashimi and miso-glazed entrees. Suffice to say, with the raw bar and Seafood Louie also there, Mayes is straddling the line between a few concepts (old school restaurant or trendy bar/lounge?), so it should be interesting to see what exactly develops, and more importantly, if the new Mayes can break the string of cursed establishments (O'Reilly's, Midpoint) that have shuffled in and out very quickly. Go ahead and place your bets.
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Mayes Oyster House

1233 Polk St, San Francisco, CA‎