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DNA Negotiates Suspension, Orphan Andy's Honored

SOMA—Per The Snitch, it seems that DNA Lounge has finally reached a resolution in its liquor license saga. The nightclub has reached a settlement with the ABC that includes a 25-day suspension and several years of probation. The club will be closed the club will be closed 1/4 through 1/28. [SFW]

THE CASTRO—There's something entertaining about Playboy picking a Castro diner as one of its best late-night spots in America, right? [Eater National]

MEDIA—East Bay Express editor Kathleen Wentz took home investigative journalism awards for her two pieces that detailed the Yelp shenanigans earlier this year: "Yelp and the Business of Extortion 2.0" and "Yelp Extortion Allegations Stack Up." [EBX]

NORTH BEACH—Local nightclub legend Sam Conti passed away Monday at the age of 65. He owned a number of North Beach clubs of various repute, but might be best remembered for his ill-fated Coconut Grove endeavor on Van Ness. Even back then (1995), people could spot a shitshow from a mile away: "[Herb] Caen said when it came to guessing the club's lifespan, 'the betting is six months.'"[Chron]

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DNA Lounge

375 11th St., San Francisco, CA