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Phat Matt's BBQ Opens, Another Meh Dungeness Season

OAKLAND—BBQ spot Phat Matt's is all grown up and has made the jump from the farmers market booth to real life brick-and-mortar restaurant. 3415 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland; 510-867-1292; website [EaterWire]

BAY AREA—Commercial Dungeness crab season kicks off Sunday, but even though this year's crop is expected to improve upon last year's record lows, it's still going to be a lackluster season. [SFE]

GUY FIERI FACT O' THE DAY—By the way, Guy Fieri has both a t-shirt cannon and a bodyguard. [Daily Beast via Chow]

TOP CHEFFAGE—And here's the exact moment Top Chef merchandising went too far: Top Chef floral arrangements. [Bravo via Eater NY]

Phat Matt's

3415 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA