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Acme Chophouse to Close In Favor of New Casual Concept

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Late yesterday, the news broke that Traci des Jardins would be shuttering Pac Bell Park's Acme Chophouse by the end of the calendar year. Of course, there's (almost assuredly) no way in hell that the restaurant would remain dark during baseball season, and the plan is that TDJ and chef Thom Fox will reopen as a new, casual concept by the time the Giants roll back into town in April.

As for the demise of Acme, blame the recession-unfriendly steakhouse concept, the big 300+ seat space, a dip in quality, and/or the crippling Bauer one-star takedown, but in the end, a more accessible eatery/bar is what that space demands (just look across the street at Pete's Tavern).
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What should Acme become? A gastropub, a sports bar? Chez Zito? Barry Bonds Juice Bar? A 7-11 for Tim Lincecum? Leave your nominations in the comments.

Acme Chophouse

24 Willie Mays Plz, San Francisco, CA 94107