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Progress at Barbacco, Bouchon Sommelier Stars

FINANCIAL DISTRICT—There's big progress at Barbacco: not only is Perbacco's "high energy wine-focused modern trattoria" spinoff freshly covered up in new plywood, but hiring is underway with a mid-December opening as the aim. Biggity-boom. [CL, previously]

COMMENT OF THE DAYRegarding Acme's new concept: "Whatever concept, Tim Lincecum's chicken pot pie should be added to the menu." [Eater Comments]

YOUNTVILLE—Out of the 49 people who took the Advanced Sommelier exam last week, Bouchon Yountville's 30-year-old sommelier Rachael Lowe earned the highest score among the 11 somms who passed, reminding everyone how many more women are taking the sommelier route lately: "Only 14 out of the 103 Master Sommeliers in North America are female, although that's changing. The number of female applicants who've sat for the Advanced exam has quadrupled in the past five years." [CCT via Eater National]


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