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U Street to be Reborn as Marengo Lounge?

The bar/lounge space directly above perennial Union Street shitshow Bar None last housed U Street, but has been dark for a few years now. The place has been on the market forever too (last asking price: $12K/month for 2,000 square feet), but it looks like it might finally have some new owners. According to some liquor rumblings, James Gruettner and Copia Youtube wine educator person Kevin Toomajian are going to try to open up something called Marengo Lounge. A wine-centric endeavor, perchance? But will the neighborhood—which has expressed its desire for less bars and more restaurant—accept it?
· Union Street Considers More Restaurants, Less Drunks [~ESF~]

Marengo Lounge

1980 Union St., San Francisco, CA