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Crab Season Underway, Hollinger Shares Comstock Details

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SAN FRANCISCO—The media is all abuzz over yesterday's start to Dungeness season '09, but the fishermen themselves are staying mum about the volume (easier to drive up prices that way), though the general consensus is that this year's crabs are smaller than most. [Chron]

COCKTAIL CIRCUITFood GPS chats with Absinthe bar manager Jeff Hollinger. In addition to declaring that he is indeed a mixologist, Hollinger also shares a few details on his upcoming Comstock Saloon: "Rather than have a cocktail list that is three or four pages long and 30 cocktails deep [like Absinthe], we’ll have a list that’s somewhere between five and 10 cocktails, the majority of those are classics, but also be able to tailor a cocktail around what you want or what we’re experimenting with at the time. [GPS]

THE MISSION—We don't usually delve into the myriad street food wheelbarrows and lemonade stands around the Mission, but this one fella make a sage point about why he doesn't use Twitter: "It's street food ... You don't invite people to street food." [SFW]

[Photo: Flickr/Jonathan Caves]


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