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Nombe Revealed, Complete With Late Night Street Window

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With Sozai riding off into the sunset last week, big sis Nombe is ready to make its debut on a bigger stage—the Mission, as opposed to Irving Street—with a similar izakaya concept. The public opening is currently slated for Friday, and as if the late nights (until 2AM on weekends) and extensive beer/sake offerings weren't enough to swoon the Missionites, there's also a street food window opening at 11PM.

The menu as it currently stands:


Kinpira Gobo 5
Spinach with sesame sauce 5
Roasted beets with grated wasabi 6
Dashi marinated cream cheese 5
Burdock and duck roulade 9
Fall vegetable gyoza, soy and chili dipping sauce 8
Pork belly karashi, stewed onion, shoyu tamago 9
Pork spare ribs kimchee, Maitake mushroom 11
Beef heart – sweet onion, katsuo bushi 9
Seared ribeye – nagaimo, whole grain mustard,
spinach, ribeye cap 14


Potatoes with wild nori – ponzu and scallion 6
Karaage – chicken thigh with lemon and sea salt 8
Chicken livers – garlic aioli 7
Brussel sprouts – mint, carrot, togarashi 5
Agedashi tofu – katsuo bushi, baby shiitake 6
Butternut squash kaki age – green tea salt 7
Rock shrimp stuffed mushrooms 8
Dungeness crab korokke – lemon, sea salt,
garlic aioli 10

YAKIMONO [Grilled]

Chicken thigh – ume shiso 7
Chicken gizzard 4
Tsukune with egg 7
Chicken skin 4
Chicken hearts 4
Pork belly with shichimi togarashi 8
Yellowtail – ponzu, grated ginger 9
Black Cod – spinach, fennel, leek, miso 9
Salmon and shiitake mushroom 9
Bacon wrapped mochi 5
Celery root and kabocha squash with leek 7
Wagyu bavette steak – yuzu kosho 9


Fuyu persimmon – bitter greens, ginger dressing 8
Little gem lettuce – grapefruit, celery root, katsuo bushi 8
Wakame seaweed – cucumber, cauliflower,
curry vinaigrette 7


Steamed Rice:
Steamed Koshihikari short grain rice 3
Wild nori 4
Natto, karashi 4
Ume chazuke – sencha tea, umeboshi, nori 4
Salmon chazuke – salted salmon, salmon skin 6

Fried rice balls with lemon, nori, sea salt 4
Umeboshi, shiso 6
Salted salmon, salmon skin, arare 6
Marinated kombu seaweed, sesame 6

Miso soup, pickles:
Miso soup 3
Umeboshi with cucumber 4
Breakfast Radish with miso pickled ramps 4
Yuzu pickled daikon 4
Nuka zuke assorted pickles 4


Mochi with kabocha cream 8
Vanilla bean ice cream, dango, azuki beans,
toasted rice, green tea 8
Beignets with chocolate ganache, kinako powder 8
Fried persimmon with almond ice cream 8

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2491 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 (415) 681-7150 Visit Website


2491 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA