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The New Yorker Food Issue Hits Newsstands, Talks Michelin

Today marks the release of the annual food issue of The New Yorker. As usual, the table of contents includes myriad food-related pieces, highlighted by Calvin Trillin's take on Canada's national dish, poutine (audio here), Adam Gopnik's musing on cookbooks and why we use them, a cartoonist's video sketch of Carnegie Deli, Mimi Sheraton's great Baumkuchen search, and Heston Blumenthal's ramblings about duck.

Only a few are available for online perusal, but probably most notable for our purposes here is John Colapinto's piece on dining with a Michelin inspector, in what is supposedly the first time Michelin has allowed a journalist to tag along (ahem: "by far the most salient sign of Michelin’s new openness").

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