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Joe DiMaggio Rumormongering, Free Godivas Tomorrow

NORTH BEACH—The Scoop hears some interesting rumblings that the future of the swanky/subpar Joe DiMaggio's Chophouse might very well be in flux, though the restaurant's owners insist that business is "booming" and they're simply looking for new investors. In other words, it either will or will not close. [Scoop]

SAN FRANCISCO—Freebie alert: starting at 5PM tomorrow (Thursday the 19th), all three SF Godiva locations are giving away free truffles. It's only one per person and while supplies last but still, free Godiva chocolate is not bad. Not bad at all. [SFC]

NAPA—In an interview with the Register, Martini House chef/owner Todd Humphries reveals that opening another restaurant is on his to-do list, and affirms the tough times up in Napa: "It has been hit pretty hard as far as parties and corporate business. For the moment that pretty much doesn’t exist. It’s been a rough year for everyone around." [NVR]

Joe Dimaggio's Chophouse

601 Union St, San Francisco, CA