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Make Your Nomination for the Hottest Chef in the Bay Area

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, gather round: as the end of 2009 nears, it is time to crown the hottest chef in the Bay Area in Eater SF's 1st Annual Hottest Chef Competition. Here's how this little diddy is going to go down: first and foremost, we need your help with the participants, so please submit your nominations for the hottest chef in the Bay to along with a picture or link to an image (important!) by Thanksgiving weekend.

The only ground rules: all nominees must somehow be associated with a local restaurant (no caterers or street food people; sorry) and must work in the kitchen in some capacity (execs, sous chefs, pastry chefs et al. are all fair game; no front of house).

Again, the nominations are due by Thanksgiving, after which they will be culled and seeded. Then the sexy excitement will begin, complete with nail-biting votes and elimination rounds. Brace.