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SF Mag Launches Anew Online, Fox on Martha, More!

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TELEVISION—Today, Jeremy Fox was on Martha Stewart, helping the ex-con prepare a vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner. That is all. [EaterWire]

LAUNCHES & RELEASES—Have you seen the online facelift that San Francisco Magazine received today? Hubba hubba. And if that weren't enough, Josh Sens files a very intriguing piece on some unnamed/diabolical San Francisco restaurants that are lying about using organic vegetables. To expose the dishonest folks, he suggests asking for a tour of the walk-in. Sneak-y. [SFM]

HAYES VALLEYCamper English checks in with Martin Cate at the quickly-nearing Smuggler's Cove, and it looks like Cate has assembled quite cast of well-known bartenders for his tiki project, including Matty Eggleston (ex Varnish in LA), Reza Esmaili (Conduit), Jacqueline Patterson (Heaven's Dog), Alex Smith (soon-to-be-ex Ramblas & Thirsty Bear) and Dominic Venegas (83 Proof). [Alcademics]

FIERISPHERE— Eat Me Daily sends the dudes from New York's Big Gay Ice Cream Truck to the inaugural show in Guy Fieri's new nation-wide tour. It's epic, but the best part is when Fieri first comes out. He throws cooked pasta on the crowd while his cohorts shoot out swag through T-shirt cannons. See a full rundown on early reactions on Eater National. [EMD; Eater National]

Smuggler's Cove

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