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More Morales Details, SF Brew Co Gets Life Extension

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SOMA—A few more lingering details regarding the Town Hall/Vernon Morales story from earlier today. Morales started last week, and the important thing to note is there won't be any dramatic changes. As suspected, a big percentage of the Town Hall menu will never change, and Morales will likely sprinkle in specials while everyone gets acquainted in the coming weeks and months. Should be a fun one to watch. [EaterWire]

CALIFORNIA—The An Family, which still runs Thanh Long (est. 1971) and Crustacean here in the city, has announced more restaurants to their growing empire. They'll open two new casual concepts down in Los Angeles. [Reuters]

NORTH BEACH—Even though the bar said otherwise last week, San Francisco Brewing Company has changed its mind (or whatever) and has been granted a stay of execution. The new plan is to shutter in another month or so. Oh, and there's a jazz band there tonight. [EaterWire]

Town Hall Restaurant

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Town Hall

342 Howard St., San Francisco, CA