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Ex-Winterland Chef Vernon Morales IN at Town Hall

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Not content with their recent three stars and everlasting popularity, the Town Hall boys have lured chef Vernon Morales back into a San Francisco kitchen. As noted on the Twitters, Morales is probably best known around these parts as the forward-thinking chef behind the shuttered Winterland (see his old menu here), but he's also worked at places like El Bulli and Daniel.

It's an interesting move for both the wildly-imaginative Morales and the concept-driven Town Hall, especially since a good portion of the menu is so entrenched and—dare we say—nearly untouchable. That said, we hear Mitchell Rosenthal has long been a fan, and there's no doubt that Morales can cook, even if he'll (likely) have to tone it down a bit to mesh with the popular Town Hall style. He's already started, and we're told that his menu tweaks will appear soon enough. More details as they come in...
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[Photo: Dallas Morning News]

Town Hall Restaurant

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Town Hall

342 Howard St., San Francisco, CA

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