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Miette to Close Octavia and Chestnut Locations at Year's End

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Hot off the always-churning rumor mill comes rumblings that Miette Patisserie will be shuttering two of its San Francisco retail shops at the end of 2009. The Ferry Building outpost will stay in place, and don't forget that Miette's big new Jack London Square location is very close and still slated to open in late November/early December.

But back to the murky future of the Octavia and Chestnut shops: calls to the shops pretty much confirm the shutter suspicions, with one shop saying that they "can't talk about that right now" because it's not technically finalized while the other flat-out said they're closing. Take it as you will.

To push the unconfirmed rumormongering a step further, we'd be remiss if we didn't point out that Pascal Rigo of Bay Bread and La Boulange fame bought a share in Miette earlier this year. Word on the street is that he could be cooking up a new concept for the two space, and for what it's worth, though there's already an outpost in Hayes Valley, La Boulange has yet to colonize Chestnut.

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449 Octavia Street, San Francisco, CA