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Uptown Joe's Spent $61,000 on Advertising and Promotion?

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Yesterday, we mentioned that Original Joe's lost its initial courthouse bid to block newfound rival Uptown Joe's from using a similar name and concept. However, a closer analysis/recap of the proceedings is online now, and one of the more, ahem, interesting new factoids is the following:

[Uptown Joe's lawyer Kirk] Freeman also pressed that his client would be more harmed. He questioned whether Original Joe's would ever reopen and said that Uptown Joe's had already spent $61,000 on advertising and promotion with the new name.
Based we've seen thus far (namely, the above) and what we haven't seen (any promotions), we can't help but wonder if there's someone walking around Sutter Street with $60,950 in his pocket.
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Uptown Joe's

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