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B's BBQ Still Hasn't Come Back From Its Impromptu Hiatus

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Not too long ago, the nearly-simultaneous arrival of B's BBQ, George's BBQ and Baby Blues BBQ led some to believe that the city just ... might ... be shedding its reputation as a BBQ wasteland. Well, about that. Less than a year after opening, things aren't looking so hot for B's BBQ on Divis: the place went "on vacation" in September and a tipster points out that it has since overshot its return date, which was last week. To make matters more foreboding, the phone is disconnected too. Maybe they had Visa troubles?

So yeah, while there are some decent options for 'cue in town, there's still a very untapped market for a traditional, legit BBQ joint (Wexler's is fine but doesn't count).


855 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA