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Robuchon Possibly Eying San Francisco, Fieri Show Update

FINANCIAL DISTRICT—Tomorrow's Scoop does some rumormongering of its own, sharing that French superchef Joel Robuchon may be considering opening an outpost in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, though the hotel says there's no deal (yet?). The decorated Robuchon currently has restaurants in Paris, Vegas, NYC, Tokyo and about every other major city in the world. [Scoop]

GUY FIERI'S ALTERNATE UNIVERSE—One can buy a ticket for Guy Fieri's Roadshow for $253. It includes two (!) squirt bottles and one entire seat (though you'll only need the edge) for his demo. Hot Food Porn suggests another use for that money: "Dine at Alinea, buy the Alinea cookbook, possibly meet the chef, buy two squirt bottles, buy the Fieri cookbook and burn it with some free matches." [HFP]

BEERWIRE—It's not often that Anchor releases a new brew, but to celebrate 30 years at their current location, they've put out a new flavor called Humming Brew:, a "light bodied, hoppy ale that can either be described as a hoppy English pale ale or a refreshing session style IPA." [Examiner]

Mandarin Oriental

22 Sansome St., San Francisco, CA