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Meadowood's Insane 12 Days of Xmas, Morrone With K2

Have a hot tidbit for EaterWire? The tipline is always open for business.

2009_11_meadowood.jpgNAPASpeaking of The Kostow, Meadowood's annual 12 Days of Christmas lineup has been announced, and it's even more star-filled than in years past. It takes place the first half of December and among the superchefs on the lineup card are Marcus Samuelsson, Paul Liebrandt, the Animal guys (Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook), Laurent Gras and many more, including a few local faces. [EaterWire]

BERKELEY—As made the rounds earlier, George Morrone of Aqua four-star fame (and more recently, the Cliff House kitchen) has resurfaced as the executive chef of the K2 Restaurant Group (Lalime’s, T-Rex , Sea Salt, etc). [EaterWire]

PORTOLA—All the way out on San Bruno Avenue, Grubz notes that Queen's Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe is open for business. 3030 San Bruno Avenue, 415-468-9066 [GS]

VEGAS—Fun fact: there is a such thing as the World Series of Beer Pong. It takes places in Vegas (duh) and the tournament champs receive a check for $50,000. Read that again. $50,000!!!! For throwing a dirty plastic ball into a cup of warm domestic beer and watching your opponent chug. [Eater National]


900 Meadowood Ln, St Helena, CA‎