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Sausalito's Sushi Ran Renews Its Trio of Stars

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Miketastic dedicates his Thursday review to Sushi Ran in Sausalito, which was last seen getting the tres from Robin Davis way back in 2001. But with a new chef aboard, Sushi Ran hasn't slipped in the slightest:

For more than two decades, Sushi Ran has been the place to go for the freshest fish - and still is, despite the fact that longtime chef Haruo Komatsu now heads up Tsukiji sushi in Mill Valley. His replacement, Nori Kusakabe, continues to produce some of the best sushi in the Bay Area.On a recent visit I found the sushi and sashimi better than ever.
With Schott Whitman handling the non-sushi portion of the menu and owner Yoshi Tome rolling out an extensive sake list, Sushi Ran "has defied the odds" and continues to maintain its hotspot status across the Golden Gate. And it also maintains its three stars. [Chron]

Also in the Datebook, Carol Ness goes to Meridian gastropub, an "international sports cafe" in Berkeley. It gets the standard, non-Bauer two-star treatment: "Meridian's kitchen might benefit by simplifying some of its offerings and concentrating on executing them consistently. The concept has a lot to offer the heart of downtown Berkeley, which could use a few more 'gastro' dining choices." [Chron]

Paul Reidinger revisits a classic in the 30-year-old vegetarian institution Greens: "Apart from the fusty, undersized sign above the door, Greens still looks sensational ... It is one of those rare places that combines high style and a pedigreed menu with something for everyone, even doubtful omnivores." [SFBG]

For her (unplanned) last review today, the departed Meredith Brody files on Outer Richmond Japanese joint Yu-Zen, where she fittingly finds some peace: "The presentation was appetizing, and the deconstruction and consumption of the dish was fun as well as satisfying. It was a perfect plate to share and linger over, inducing that relaxed zen state that we sometimes achieve at table, but not often enough." [SFW]

THE ELSEWHERE: The Sunday Bauer review had another three stars for the reborn Limon, the EBX takes a pizza tour including new hit Emilia's, the MIJ's Tanya Henry finds love at the dubiously-named I Love Sushi in San Rafael, the PressDem is at Santa Rosa's El Charro, Bargain Bites hits up Berkeley's Flame, and the Mission's Pi Bar gets relegated to Bar Bites.

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Sushi Ran

107 Caledonia St., Sausalito, CA