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Pepin Responds to Sexy Interview, The Big Eat 2010

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MISUNDERSTANDINGS—Earlier today, Jacques Pepin stated he'd hooked up with 10,000 cooks and bartenders in his career, and now he's in the comments to explain: "...I must be too old and not "hip" enough to understand that the TRUE meaning of "hooked up with" now means "slept with." My interpretation of your question was that you were asking how many people I have encountered, cooked with, worked with, etc. in the food world. SHAME ON YOU!!" Sadface. [MNT]

LISTICLES—FYI: 7x7 is now accepting nominations for its Big Eat 2010. From the roast chicken at Zuni to the tacos at El Cachanilla to the Bloody Marys at Foreign Cinema (pictured), it's all up for consideration. [7x7]

NEW YORK—Hey San Francisco, think Yelpers are bad? After receiving some sub-par mashed potatoes, a diner at New York Fried Chicken Diner in East New York threw his food at his waiter, smacked him, pulled out a knife, threatened to stab him, and then threatened to come back with his gun and shoot him. He was later arrested. [Eater NY]

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