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Cops Shutter Indie Supperclub, Copia Liquidated, More!

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NAPA—Late Friday, a judge approved approved liquidation of Copia, meaning that the property is ready for a sale: "More than one bid has already been submitted for the property and additional offers are expected before time runs out." Thursday is the final day for bidders to submit proposals; officials had no comment on the Food Network rumors. [PD]

NOE VALLEY—As noted by both NV Blog and NV Buzz, the 24th Street location of La Boulange has set an opening date: next Monday, November 16. Do adjust your calendars accordingly. [NoeWire, previously]

SAN FRANCISCO—Per Vegansaurus, underground restaurant Brassica Supperclub wasn't quite underground enough: on Friday, the cops raided the place and shut it down, on account of it being illegal. [Vegansaurus]

La Boulange

3898 24th St, San Francisco, CA