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El Paseo to Take Over Cafe Mozart Space?

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On Friday, it was noted that 30-year-old Nob Hill staple Cafe Mozart is approaching the end of its tenure on Bush Street as its suitors line up. Today comes some juicy rumormongering (from very solid sources, we'll add) that the folks from Marin's shuttered, Michelin-starred El Paseo—the talented duo of Seigo Tekei and chef Keiko Takahashi—are in line to take over Cafe Mozart and as far as these things go, it's pretty much a sure thing. Now, Mozart owner Fredy Fahrni said he had multiple suitors (as evidenced by the liquor license activity) and no deals were in place as of Friday, so file this under "hot/sensible rumors" for now. Developing...
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El Paseo Restaurant

17 Throckmorton Avenue, Mill Valley, CA 94941 415 388 0741

Cafe Mozart

708 Bush St., San Francisco, CA