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Sky Rooms Fading, Holidays at Masa's, Kasa 2.0 Sets a Date

SAN FRANCISCO—From the Rainbow Room in New York to the Hilton's Cityscape, the NYT's Bay Area Blog points out how sky rooms are dropping like flies across the country, partly because they're easier to run as special event rooms than as full-time restaurants and bars. But hey, the Carnelian Room is gonna milk its New Year's Eve finale for everything they've got: the 8:30 seating six-course dinner will run $250. [NYT]

NOB HILL—Speaking of the holidays, for the first time in the history of evers, 25-year-old Masa's will be open on Christmas Eve; Gregory Short's special five-course menu can be previewed online. [EaterWire]

THE MARINA—At long last, it would appear that there's a definite opening date for the second coming of Kasa. The sequel to the Castro Indian spot—on Fillmore next to the former PlumpJack Cafe—has been in the works since summer, and assuming all goes to plan, it will open Friday. [EaterWire]


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648 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA