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Beyonce's Leftover Food Art, More Waters Books En Route

NEW YORK—In what could possibly be the best thing you'll see all day today, witness the rather creative/strange/awesome thing that a holiday-minded Beyonce made with her leftovers after a course at fancy NYC restaurant Marea. [~ENY~]

THE MISSIONSFist notes a crazyland deal at Charanga: "Just book a reservation with us thru our website and we'll gift you certificates for the check amount." In other words, if you spend $50, you get $50. The mind, it boggles. [SFist]

EATER BOOK CLUB—Per Publisher's Marketplace, via Grubz, Alice Waters has signed a deal to pen three more books: a 40-year anniversary celebration of Chez Panisse called Classic Chez Panisse, a follow-up to 2007's The Art of Simple Food, and a personal narrative which we'll go ahead and dub My Life in Wonderland. [GS]

UNION SQUARE—The Weekly hears that after the successful Sprinklesmobile appearances this week, logic follows that Sprinkles is indeed looking to open a local shop somewhere, with Union Square being the targeted neighborhood. [SFW]

TOP CHEFFAGE—Last night, Bravo tricked Top Chef fans into watching the Andy Cohen Show by using said show to announce the winner of the Vegas season's Fan Favorite contest. As expected, Atlanta's lovable bearded chef Kevin Gillespie took the popularity prize, meaning that he got a $10,000 check, which apparently put his total winnings on the show at a cool $55K. Not bad for a third-place finish. [Eater National]


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