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Fox and Syhabout's Joint Dinner, Top Chef Finale Tonight

NAPA—In the "blink and they'll be gone" category, Ubuntu is now taking reservations for the first of its Tuesday special dinners on December 15, and per tomorrow's Scoop, the maiden voyage will bring in Jeremy Fox's old Manresa buddy, James Syhabout of Commis, as the partner chef. But there are only 18 seats, so they'll go quickly. [Scoop]

SOMA—In this month's issue of Food & Wine, experts name the country's 10 Best Restaurants Dishes Under $12. Only one local dish makes the cut: everyone put your hands together for the Spicy Seafood Soup at Heaven's Dog. [F&W]

TELEVISION—Tonight is the beginning of the end for this, the sixth season of Top Chef. In the first half of the two-part finale, the merry quartet of finalists is dispatched to Napa, but obviously the best part is that since the finale was filmed after the regular season, they all have new hairdos. Check out the preview on Eater National, and expect the usual Max Silvestri brilliance tomorrow. [~EN~]

[Photo: Flickr/star5112]


1140 Main St., Napa, CA