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Burger Bar Gets a Bit of a Bauer Beatdown: 1.5 Stars

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Underwear photo on the right via 7x7

For his Sunday showcase, Mikey Boom Boom shares his thoughts on Hubert Keller's splashy endeavor of the sixth floor of Macy's, the infamous Burger Bar. Like the "unwieldy" burgers, the review is a messy one: just 1.5 stars. Despite the ominous reference to the "cult of celebrity chef" in the opening line, a dig at the decor ("Tadich Grill meets Johnny Rocket's") and the lowly rating, for the most part, the Biggity Bauer actually eschews any zingers and/or fireworks, opting instead to pretty much just list out the entire menu and summarize the subpar dinner experience.

There are a few hits (onion rings, Rossini burger) and more misses, but the biggest problem is the slow service: "At the meal, Keller was in the house, but nobody seemed to be at home ... each time there were longer-than-normal waits for food." Coupled with the Fleur de Lys demotion from the four-star plateau, this makes two straight rough Bauer reviews for DJ Hubert.
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Burger Bar

251 Geary St., San Francisco, CA