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Rick Tramonto Eying the Shuttered Napa Valley Grille Spot?

Time to churn the rumor mill with some hot rumormongering straight from the land of unparalleled cuisine, vineyards and old people: Yountville, California! Last week, it was reported that the Napa Valley Grille shuttered, leading to the logical conclusion that the opening of such a prime location in Yountville would attract eyes from chefs across the country. Now, word on the street is that Rick Tramonto of Chicago's Tru is front and center as an interested party. Tramonto has also been linked to a project down in Monterey (at the time, nothing had been signed) and seeing as how he had "details about restaurants he’s pitching in Napa and Pebble Beach" strewn about his desk, the Yountville rumblings might have legs after all.
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Napa Valley Grille

6795 Washington St Yountville, CA 94599