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Corbett Joins Coi, Old Atrium Space Going Upscale Chinese

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BROADWAY STRIP—Earlier today, Coi announced the appointment of Bill Corbett as its new executive pastry chef. Corbett, last seen at Michael Mina, will also hold the same position at Oakland's Bracina, due in spring 2010. In other Daniel Patterson news, Evan Rich—formerly the chef de cuisine at Quince—has been appointed chef de cuisine at Coi. [EaterWire]

FINANCIAL DISTRICT—Tomorrow's Scoop reports that George Chen of Shanghai 1930 is going to be opening an upscale Chinese restaurant in the old Atrium space at 101 California. Additionally, Chen is considering shuttering Shanghai 1930. [Scoop]

EATER BOOK CLUBThe Guardian names all the best food books of the past decade, or as they put it, the books that "no serious food lover should have missed in the last 10 years." At the top of the list: Harold McGee's McGee on Food and Cooking, Fergus Henderson's Beyond Nose to Tail, Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential, and both Michael Pollan books, among many others. [Guardian]
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