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A Moveable Tweet: Special Holiday Edition

Welcome back to A Moveable Tweet, where we present the most intriguing tweets from the food and dining industry.

Chris Cosentino shares fishy, festive limericks:

While Cosentino is in the kitchen, Tyler Florence is sitting around the computer waiting for your questions. Ask him about Applebee's recipes. Those jokes never get old.
Meanwhile, Ruth Reichl is playing snow globe make-believe:
Earlier this week, Michael Chiarello needed some last-minute help with his stocking stuffers:
Mattin Noblia wants everyone to know that he is fun. Smileyface!
Jamie Lauren ain't a fan of this whole holiday thing:
Chron wine master Jon Bonne has a sloowww Chinese Christmas Eve Morning Breakfast:
And let's leave the final word to the infinite wisdom of Kelly Choi:
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