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Top New Bars, Cafe La Taza Open, SF Alums in NYC

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LISTICLE DEPT.—Citysearch's Patrick Heig—who also happens to file Eater's A Beer At series—names the top 10 new bars that arrived in 2009. High-profile joints like Smuggler's Cove and Rickhouse make the cut along with less haute spots like Bloodhound (pictured) and Blackbird. For the complete list, head on over yonder. [Citysearch]

NEW YORK—San Francisco restaurant folk like to stick together. Over in the Big Apple, Shuna Fish Lydon—who worked at Aziza, Citizen Cake and the French Laundry and also blogs on Eggbeater—is the new pastry chef in fellow SF export Jonnatan Leiva's kitchen at 10 Downing. [EaterWire]

THE CASTRO—Per Lady Hopstress, the new branch of Cafe La Taza is up and running in the Castro. 4230 18th Street, between Collingwood and Diamond; 415-525-4921; website [TH]

CHAINS—In the "Do Not Want" category of fast food things: McDonald's is offering a Holiday Pie. It's described thusly: " looks like a sugary pastry tube covered with sprinkles and filled with scrambled eggs." That's only the beginning. [Mr Inconspicuous]


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