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Capturing the Mission, Naked Lunch Does a Tasting

THE MISSION—Yesterday, the BauerBlog pointed out how it was impossible to choose a restaurant that "captured" the Mission. Well, Mission Mission astutely points out that nary a few months ago, the Chron actually declared that Range "captured" the Mission. Oopsies. [MM]

BERKELEY—Next Sunday from 1PM to 5PM, Ian Begg and Naked Lunch will host a tasting with Berkeley’s Broc Cellars winery to celebrate the winery's new “Naturale” wine series, but the best part is that all food and beverage for the entire afternoon will go for a flat rate of $15. Update/Clarification: This takes place at Broc Cellars winery in Berkeley. [EaterWire]

INDUSTRY—Just in case there are any bartenders in the crowd that just happen to have lots of cash laying around, Jim Meehan of NYC's PDT is selling $600 bartender bags. [Metromix via Eater NY]


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842 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA