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Chez TJ Chef Shuffle Turns Into Michelin Star Shitshow

Earlier in the week, it came out that chef Bruno Chemel would be leaving his Michelin-starred Mountain View eatery, Chez TJ. Chemel claimed that he's departing for a "better opportunity," but today, Chez TJ owner George Aviet went public—and rather catty!—with the escalating feud. Quoth Aviet on Chemel:

"He’s incapable of earning two stars ... Don’t get me wrong. He did a wonderful job, and he managed to sustain (a star) for one year ... But I need to get on with somebody who is going to earn that second star."
Oh, sweet Mountain View. Some quick background: before the Chemel Era began two years ago, Chez TJ did indeed earn those two prized stars when Christopher Kostow was there (he now holds a deuce at Meadowood). But yeah, sounds like a challenge for Mr. Chemel, wherever he lands next. And away we go.
· Michelin star dust-up at Mountain View's Chez TJ [Merc]

Chez TJ

938 Villa Street, Mountain View, CA