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Yats Closing Mission Bar Outpost to Open Bayview Eatery

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For the last year or so, Yats New Orleans Original Po Boys has been hiding out in 24th Street dive bar Jack's Club while serving authentic New Orleans food that quickly made it a favorite amongst Chowhounds and the like.

Now, per the website, the pop-up eatery has announced that it will close next week (December 16). That's the bad news; the good news (well, depending on where you live) is that Yats has found a location for a new full-service restaurant. Per the website, Yats—the real restaurant—will open/reopen in March 2010 in a shiny new 2100 square foot space in the Bayview District— 4800 Third Street, to be exact. In the meantime, 24th Streetists have a little over a week to get their last licks in.
[Photo: Yelp]

Jack's Club

2545 24th Street, San Francisco, CA