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Quince Earns 3.5 Stars; Also Crowned Love of Bauer's Life

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Photo: Jennifer Yin, 10/28/09

One of the most anticipated reviews of the season dropped yesterday, as Cirque du Bauer filed his take on the new Quince. For the most part, it went just about as well as the Tusks could have hoped for: 3.5 stars overall, with the stage set for a possible four-star re-review sometime in the future. Michael Tusk's "newly-emerging style" is taking shape, David Lynch's wine list has most of the great wines in the world on it, the design gets four stars (take a photo tour here) and service is choreographed like a ballet, though MB isn't feeling the progressive desserts.

And then, the review ends on a widow analogy referencing Quince predecessor, Myth: "It's almost like building a new relationship after a partner dies; you never forget, but you come to treasure the new. Given more time and seasoning, Quince could be the love of my life." Swoon.
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