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Inside Delarosa, the Marina's Answer to Beretta

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[Photos: Jennifer Yin, 12/9/09]

Here now, enjoy a look around Chestnut Street's latest, Delarosa. Design-wise, the Zack|de Vito Architecture (Starbelly, Nettie's, Orson et al.) team helped transform the old Fuzio space into one that pays homage to contemporary Italian design. They also put in a new bar and shiny tap system (above) to showcase the big beer lineup. In term of food and drink—aside from the extensive brewski program—Delarosa bears a strong resemblance to its big sister Beretta, headlined by the artisanal cocktails and better-than-most pizzas. For more food thoughts, 7x7's Jessica Battilana files a pretty spot-on and encouraging early assessment of Delarosa.
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2175 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, CA 94123