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Plywood Report: Grub, NB Pizza, Couleur Cafe, MORE!

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Spot some plywood on your block? You know what to do.

1) The Mission: Last week brought the news that there's been some changes at Grub (and Zaytoon and Booth), so we thought we'd check out the state of affairs of the Valencia eatery-to-be for ourselves. Turns out the place isn't very close to being complete, and since word on the street is that there was even an eviction warning earlier in the week (since removed), it wouldn't come as a shock if this project was axed, but we'll wait and see. [PLYWOOD]

2) North Beach: A sharp-eyed tipster sends along the above shot of some possible action at Jazz at Pearl's, which has been shuttered since summer. There's a newish work permit on the window; is a rebirth at work? [PLYWOOD]

3) North Beach Bonus: Several people have passed along shots of the new and improved North Beach Pizza location on Grant and Union, right across the street from the old location. It looks just about ready to go, but still no word on a definite switchover date. [POST-PLYWOOD]

4) Potrero Hill: Meanwhile, on 16th and De Haro, the closed Couleur Cafe is now firmly in the plywood stages as it makes the transition to the pizza/osteria combo, due in a few months. [PLYWOOD]

5) The Mission: Finally, an update from Sushi Bistro. According to 24th Street sources, the offshoot of the popular Richmond sushi joint is ready for primetime and is just waiting for the permit green lights. [POST-PLYWOOD]

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