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EaterWire: Incanto's Head to Tail Dinner, Movida En Route

NOE VALLEYChris Cosentino has announced the dates and menu for Incanto's sixth annual Head to Tail dinner. On Monday March 23 and Wednesday March 25, Cosentino and co. will put together an epic five-courser featuring items like venison heart tartare, goose intestines, various types of brain, among others. More info, resys and whatnot can be had on the website. [EaterWire]

COW HOLLOW—When Luisa Hanson shuttered her ill-fated La Vinoteca on Union Street, she promised a Mexican eatery in its place. Originally, storefront signage called the upcoming concept La Pinata Rica, but over the weekend, we have word that the name has changed to Movida Mexican Grill. [EaterWire, previously]

WISCONSIN—Some people just really want unemployment benefits. From Yahoo News: "A restaurant worker was accused of trashing the place in an attempt to get fired and collect unemployment compensation. A criminal complaint filed Thursday said a 35-year-old man showed up at a Qdoba restaurant and started throwing brownies and cookies on the floor. The man then went into the kitchen and threw pots and pans around, then went into a storage area and threw boxes of hot sauce on the floor." [Yahoo]


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