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EaterWire: Dungeness Week Arrives, Chef Shuffle at Two

BAY AREA—On Thursday, dozens of big-name local restaurants—Delfina, Fifth Floor, Perbacco, to name a few—will ring in Dungeness Week. The full list of participants (and more details) is on the official event website. Contrary to its name, Dungeness Week will actually last until March 1st. [EaterWire]

SOMALady Hopstress reports that after 12 years at Hawthorne Lane and Two, chef Bridget Batson is moving on. Suffice to say that a dozen years in one place is quite the impressive run in this day and age; her last day is this Saturday. [TH]

BAY AREA—Just in time for the recession, Zagat has released its first ever "San Francisco Dining Deals” guide, covering 241 restaurants in the area. We think the PressDem puts it best: "It’s a good deal, unless you already own a copy of the 2009 Zagat Guide to San Francisco Restaurants, which includes most of these top-value restaurants." [PD]

AMERICA—Speaking of which, experts are predicting that things are about to go from bad to worse for chain eateries: "Parsimonious consumers are why Ruby Tuesday, Chili’s and even Starbucks and Pinkberry are closing restaurants ... 'When you look at what some of these brands are doing to stay profitable, closing money-losing stores is going to be the next shoe to drop,' said Brian Moore, a restaurant industry analyst with Wedbush Morgan Securities in Los Angeles." [News-Trib]

[Photo: Flickr/yuichi.sakuraba]