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Black Saturday Reports

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2009_02_blackt.jpgFrom the Valentine's Day hotline: "We had a reservation for One Market for 8 pm on V-Day (why? because we are insane). After battling the legions of teenagers on the Embarcadero for the big pillow fight, we waited until 8:40 at the super packed bar before deciding to leave. When we told the hostess we just couldn't wait another minute and were going to leave, she apologized, and wrote on the back of a business card 'had to leave after waiting 40 minutes, 2/14/09,' and promised that the next time we came in they would 'take care of us.' She actually seemed pretty relieved we were giving up. That place is great and we eat there a lot, so it was no big thing -- but it is hard to understand how they got about an hour behind when all they were serving was prix fixe." [~ESF~]

One Market Restaurant

1 Market Street, , CA 94105 (415) 777-5577 Visit Website