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EaterWire: Town Hall Mardi Gras, Yelp's Twitter Onslaught

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SOMA—Next Tuesday is the annual Mardi Gras shindig at Town Hall, and it's $45 for the all-you-can-eat (and drink) event. 7x7 has more details: "...this year the party will be pretty much the same [as in years past]: Booze, a band, and food stations serving yes, oysters, but also fried chicken, gumbo and some Southern-style BBQ." [7x7]

TWITTERVILLE—There's been tons of reactions to yesterday's big Yelp article in the EBX from both sides of the fence, including that of a very vigilant Jeremy Stoppelman, who has taken to responding to every. single. update on Twitter about the piece. Last we checked, dude's up to four pages of rebuttals in the last 24 hours, and some of the "conversations" are quite colorful. [Twitter]

[Photo: Flickr/davum16]

Town Hall Restaurant

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